LimasFeed will let you maximize your resource and profitability in today’s rapidly changing market. LimasFeed helps you to work smarter and faster by allowing you to customize your precise data needs and usage.
LimasFeed utilize state of the art of technology and unparalleled coverage from various source extensively, to assure you keep focus on your business rather than figuring the data. And LimasFeed enables user to customize the time interval and flexibility to choose the data to ensure an objective reporting.
With comprehensive coverage, you can choose:
- Market Quote from local and international stock exchange.
- Live and historical Stock Quotes from Indonesia Stock Exchange.
- Financial Statement, provides Annually and Quarterly Financial Statement from all listed companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange.
- More than 50 Commodity market information from all over the world.
- 18 major currency rates from all over the world.
- StockWatch News, provides comprehensive stock recommendations and breaking corporate announcements, fresh from the market by our own journalists and Indonesia Stock Exchange announcements.
Data feed, provided by PT Limas Indonesia Makmur,Tbk.

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